Explore the Magic of Summer 2024: Experience Unforgettable Moments at a Family Lodge on the Shores of Lake Tagua Tagua

In the heart of the majestic chilean Patagonia, on the shores of the stunning Lake Tagua Tagua, [...]

Barraco Lodge awakens the senses with a unique gastronomic experience in the midst of nature.

Our lodge family, located in a corner of paradise, not only offers exciting adventures, but also [...]

Embark on Grand Adventures: Barraco Lodge Unleashes Epic Helicopter Experiences this Summer 2024

Discover the Valley of Puelo from the Heights: In Barraco Lodge, we have taken the exploration [...]

Secret high lakes helo experience at Barraco Lodge

Live the adventure of paddling on lakes, secrets, Kayak or SUP with the wonderful [...]

Our star adventures for this season at Barraco Lodge

For this season we chose two destinations not to miss during your stay in Barraco Lodge. And the [...]

Heli Fishing Experience at Lake Vidal Gormaz, in search of Fontinalis trout.

One of the crossings must-sees for lovers of fly fishing. It is without [...]

Multi Adventure Programs at Barraco Lodge

It comes a season of many adventures! Fly-fishing, horseback riding, trekking, kayaking, ebikes, heliadventures [...]

Heli Experience Adventure at Barraco Lodge

We have a team of Helicopter's own Lodge, so that the entire experience is personalized [...]

Barraco Lodge. The place where the adventures never end

In the north of our enriched Chilean Patagonia, is located in the wonderful Valley of the Puelo, [...]

We need new members!

We introduce you to the new members of the team Barraco, born this year, there are two horses [...]

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