Secret high lakes helo experience at Barraco Lodge

Live the adventure of paddling over secret lakes, in Kayaks or SUP with the wonderful and unique experience of being able to fly in our helicopter and observe a dream landscape. In summer we recommend visiting Unexplored Lake by Kayak as well as Gaviota Lake. Places that you can only see with Barraco Lodge.

What do the crossings consist of?

Inexplorado Lake

We leave the lodge in the morning flying our helicopter onboard our guide and chef. The 30’ flight on a clear day is astounding through snow peaks surrounding the Tagua Tagua Park to continue over the RioTraidor and glacier Toro where we will see huge glaciers and the two Inexplorados lakes will appear. Inexplorado chico & grande. Descending on our left we see the glacier sediment formed ponds of a deep grey green . Then we will pass by the waterfall formed between the two Inexplorados to land in a pristine white sand beach on the shores of Inexplorado Grande. Our guides will prepare the kayaks/SUP and the chef will start preparing the table and fire for our late lunch. Once ready with our wet suits we start exploring the lake surrounded by millenary larches and snow caped glaciers . Rowing the lake we keep silent to hear the roaring avalanches of blocks of ice coming down from the peaks covered by eternal snow. Arriving back at the beach the chef will have our meal ,comfortable seated by the shoreside we share our experiences. We can swim or paddle again in the afternoon. Then flight back to the lodge ;our cozy hot tub ,sauna and Quincho with appetizers will be ready.

Gaviota Lake

Secretly hidden in the heart of the Andes Larch National Park lies this crystal clear blue lagoon. We depart from the lodge by helicopter in a 20 minutes flight , to then arrive at the Seagull Lagoon were they nest during summer. Experience what it feels to explore this jewel by kayaking through birds and islands. For lunch enjoy some wild food in a secret beach . The helicopter will pick you up later on the day for a 20 min flight over the Andes Larch National Park follow by the Reloncavi estuary and Puelo river back to the lodge

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