Heli Fishing Experience at Lake Vidal Gormaz, in search of Fontinalis trout.

One of the unmissable trips for fly fishing lovers. It is undoubtedly Helifishing to Lake Vidal Gormaz, to find Fontinalis trout, a demanding and more complex fishing.

What does the journey consist of?

We begin this adventure by taking off from Barraco Heliport, a flight of approximately 35 to 40 minutes, we cross Lake Tagua Tagua towards the mouth of the Manso River to enter the Torrentoso River to Lake Vidal Gormaz, you will find a landscape of native forests on the side. west, with various native species Ulmo, Coihue, Tineo and Alerces, on the east side we will see snow-capped peaks of the border with Argentina.
We arrive at the Torrentoso River that originates in Lake Vidal Gormaz, to head west and then north arriving at Lake Vidal Gormaz. Long, slightly windy lake, facing north south surrounded by mountains on both sides.
Our boat will be in this lake with which we will begin the search for Fontinalis. This trout stands out for its striking colors, they are more of a cold water trout, with pink flesh and an approximate weight of 1.5 kg.
That day we will have lunch on the shore of the lake for which the guide brings a lunch box.
4 fishermen plus the guide can go on the helicopter.

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