Multi Adventure Programs at Barraco Lodge

A season of multiple adventures is coming! Fly fishing, horseback riding, trekking, kayaking, ebikes, heliadventures and much more. You can experience all this in the magical Puelo Valley Cochamó, Patagonia Chile.

At Barraco Lodge we prepare adventure programs with accommodation and food. You can choose the one you like the most! And come and enjoy this great adventure lodge.

Each program have different activities. Each of them includes 4 nights accommodation and 3 meals per day per person. You can stay in a comfortable and warm family lodge. One real tradition experience. With wonderful rooms overlooking Lake Tagua Tagua and and the best local gastronomic offer.


The Multiadventure programs are designed to provide you the best mix of our various activities.

We select routes that combine experience, adventure and rest. So you can discover different attractions and take with you the best memories you have ever had. At Barraco Lodge we offer a unique adventure tourism experience, which stands out for a complete equipment and guiding service, which manages to be surprisingly enriching for those who have come to experience it.

An adventure only for adventurous travelers, who love nature like we do, enjoy every moment and travel with the vital energy to explore the world.

What does a complete program consist of?

Our programs are separated by categories from A to G.

The Multiadventure Program A, for example, immerses you in the natural beauty of Patagonia from the moment you check in..

  • Day 1, It begins with Check In and a relaxing walk next to the Barraco waterfall.
  • Day 2, kayak through the majestic Tagua Tagua Lake towards the waterfall that welcomes you to the Tagua Tagua Park.
  • Day 3, we will take you on an exciting horseback ride to La Junta, where you will enjoy beautiful landscapes and an exquisite lunch.
  • Day 4 we will return to the waterfall where we will enter the Tagua Tagua park where we will do a medium intensity trekking surrounded by ancient trees.
  • Finally Day 5, we say goodbye to this unforgettable experience with Check Out.

To see all the programs, download our program guide by clicking here Download our program guide by clicking here

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