Our star adventures for this season at Barraco Lodge

For this season we choose two unmissable destinations during your stay at Barraco Lodge. And we wanted to name them star adventures! they are unique and you can only experience them with us: Trekking to the Cochamó Valley and Trekking to the Yates Volcano.

What makes them unique? Our Barraco Air service (Helicopter Transfer). We are the only ones who offer this service in both experiences.

You will be able to optimize your time for adventures, taking advantage of the full day, also avoiding carrying extra load in your backpack or paying for the additional load carrying service. So you will be lighter and more comfortable. You will also be able to enjoy unique views that can only be seen by flying, since on the way down we fly in our Helicopter back to the Lodge. You can also rest and recharge your energies in a comfortable Lodge. Since the accommodations you find in the case of the Cochamó Valley are only camping alternatives, which require long days of trekking. In the case of the Yates Volcano, the experience with Barraco Air manages to reach unexplored peaks that can only be achieved by Helicopter.

Trekking Volcán Yates

Not only is it trekking, but it is also a helicopter flight experience! A true mountain adventure, with crampons, cables, probes to walk through glaciers. Views are superb. To our east the snowed peaks of Puntiagudo, Osorno and Tronador. To our west the majestic Pacific Ocean. All this accompanied by a gastronomic experience with our specialist chef. More info here>

Cochamó Valley Trekking

A wonderful day of trekking where we will see waterfalls and enter the deep forest of Coihues, Canelos, Mañíos, Alerces, Quilas and Lengas. After an epic lunch at the base, the helicopter will pick us up to fly back past the iconic peaks of Trinidad and El Monstruo. More info here>

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