Lonko's House

The Lonko House with which we started the lodge was the house of a Mapuche chief of the area in the 60's.

It was renovated with the help of the environmental architect of Chiloé, Eduardo Rojas, with whom we did the conservation project of all its materials, built entirely of larch.

It has a living room-library, a dining room integrated to its Patagonian kitchen, an outdoor table and large terraces with a great view of the Puelo River. In the office desk on the first floor there is wifi for guests, satellite phone, cell phone and everything necessary to keep in touch.

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Tagua Tagua


This 45 m² suite has a double combustion wood stove, a private bathroom with a lion's paw bathtub and a spectacular view of the lake from which it takes its name. You can choose between one king size bed or two square and a half beds



Suite of 35 m², has two single beds with the possibility of union, double combustion wood stove and private bathroom with lion paw tub. It is oriented looking towards the mountain and the surrounding vegetation.