Lodge to the Ocean trip on Jet Boat

Jet boat from the lodge to the Pacific Ocean. Sailing with Dolphins and optional stop at hot springs Del Sol. We board our jet boat Viper in our dock and start navigating through the barraco current towards lake Victoria.

We pass by this calm lake surrounded by abundant native forest coihues and ulms, arrayanes along the river.We leave on starboard river Botapiedras where we enter the narrowness of el salto. Here the adrenaline arouses with rapids degree 3 that we pass down current at 15 knots to enter the narrow arm of the “Gaviones“. We continue through the calm and peacefull “pozón de las bestias” where during the season from january to april there we see Chinooks of 60 pounds. The jet boat continues at full speed to sail down the Basilio hauling to pass by the picturesque Las Gualas on our way to the bridge.From there on we follow the river bends admiring the majesty of snowed Volcan Yates until we reach the delta of rio puelo into the estuary of reloncavi. If the pacific ocean is calm and we are lucky the dolphins will come to play around our jet boat. After sailing the estuary we can rest and have a snack prepared by the captain.

Opcional: If the crew wants we can make a stop at the natural volcanic hot springs Del Sol located in the base of Volcan Yates from where the warm waters emerge. After tbis stop we sail back to the lodge at full speed against the current till we arribe to lake Tagua Tagua.